ZenniOptical advertise’s on TV?

OpticalOwl recently learned that ZenniOptical, a well known and established online glasses company, does TV advertising. How did I find this out? Well I was watching cable TV, which is a rarity, and saw the Zenni TV commercials.

Doing some digging on YouTube I found this TV commercial on the Zenni's channel which is the spot I saw on air.

Zenni TV Commercial – Open Your Eyes

Having worked for a local company in the area that does TV advertising I can tell you that TV ads work. Even with all the new online ad technology and platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Since people watch a lot more over-the-air antenna and cable TV these days than you would expect.

What do you think of Zenni, an online company, doing TV advertising. Is it good to bring awareness to the brand and ordering eyeglasses and sunglasses online?

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