Zenni Optical introduces Carbon Fiber Frames

Zenni Optical recently introduced Carbon Fiber glasses to it's prescription glasses line. Well the arms are made of Carbon Fiber and the Frames are made of acetate, a type of high grade plastic. It is still a smart move for Zenni Optical to use Carbon Fiber on glasses.

Zenni is currently the only online glasses company, I am aware of, that offers any Carbon Fiber on frames. Due to the sturdiness, durability, flexibility, and lone life of the Carbon Fiber it is an excellent material to use to use for glasses.

Have you ever dropped, wrecked, cracked, broken, etc. your glasses? I'm sure we all have. 🙂

Why Carbon Fiber?

I'm sure most people are asking “What is Carbon Fiber?” because it isn't a material that you will find in a lot of household items.

Carbon Fiber is basically a organic compounds which are woven together and then baked at an extremely high temperature.  OpticalOwl won't go into the details of how it's made, but think of it as a Fiber that is baked into a Carbon. 🙂

The main current applications for Carbon Fiber are automotive and vehicle production. The lightweight, rigidity, and flexibility of the Carbon Fiber makes it useful for moving vehicles.  Lots of outside forces push, pull, stretch, hit, etc. vehicles due to many factors.

Zenni Carbon Fiber Glasses

The expense of Carbon Fiber usually means you only find it on expensive or high-end cars.  Think of supercars or sportscar that draw attention from the public for car manufacturers.

I'm a little surprised to see Carbon Fiber glasses arms offered on Zenni Optical's frames, especially at the price point they sell glasses for.  The Zenni Carbon Fiber glasses seem to be retailing for $30 – $40, not including the lenses or other add-ons.

Perhaps they get a bulk deal ordering the Carbon Fiber? More likely not too much is needed on glasses arms? What are your thoughts about Zenni's Carbon Fiber glasses? Are you going to buy and try them?

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