Zenni Optical attempts Warby Parker Hipster with Metropolitan Collection [VIDEO]

zenni metropolitan collection

It seems that Zenni Optical has attempted to go all out Warby Parker hipster with it's new Metropolitan frame Collection. At least with it's marketing campaign for the new Metropolitan Collection.

Obviously calling the collection “Metropolitan” wasn't enough for Zenni. They named the frame collection after famous architects with frame names such as Wright, Van Alen, Sullivan, Stone, van der Rohe, Pei, Olmsted, Niemeyer, Morgan, Maybeck, Johnson, Fuller, Eames and Ain. That's not enough because obviously you need to go find artists to make a Youtube video that you hope to viral. Am I right?

To do this Zenni asked Tim Weiland, aka Timo Weiland (seriously wtf? you have to add an “O” to your name?), to help shoot a video with performance artists Olivia Burgess, Grace Weber, John Gordon Gauld which “inspired” them. (Ok inspired means paid to do this, we all know that.)  The video features the dancer, piano player, and painter wearing Zenni glasses.  You can watch the video here and the behind-the-scenes video.

[In Their Element] Metropolitan Collection – Zenni Optical


You can read the press release for the Metropolitan Collection to see what you think.

More importantly the Zenni Optical Metropolitan collection frames start at around $36 dollars which is what we expect from Zenni.  You can get them with single lens prescription with regular prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses it seems. Like all Zenni frames, the collection can also be customized with tints, bifocal or progressive lenses and other options including engraving. Unlike the overpriced and overhyped Warby Parker, which in my opinion has the same quality glasses frames for jacked up prices.  (They are even soured from the same factories in Shanghai to my understanding.) Will Zenni, one of the jewels of inexpensive online glasses, go down the same overpriced hipster path? OpticalOwl hopes not!

What can we expect next from Zenni? Perhaps special Vinyl releases, beards, music festivals, Instagram hashtags, and flannel? What do you think of Zenni trying to go hipster?


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