Warby Parker features Bold Colors for Spring 2016 Glasses Collection

warby parker spring collection

Warby Parker recently introduced the new Spring 2016 Glasses Collection and this year they are going with a lot of new bold colors which we haven't seen from the company before.  Also in the Warby Parker 2016 Spring Collection are new frame designs they have added to the line.

The fun new frames this year are made from premium acetate are come in bright new colors like Maraschino (Red) and Peacock Green.  Warby Parker is also bringing back the favorites Bellini and Canton Blue.  They have also decided to to bring back inner rings on three color options Blue Jay, Manzanita, and Maple which is applied by way of a specialty friction technique.

warby parker laurel peacock green warby parker maraschino red

Being reprised from the luxurious and crowd-pleasing 1st Concentric Collection; Haskell in Crystal comes outfitted with an inner ring in one of three colors—They’re guaranteed showstoppers. Then rounding out the Warby Parker 2016 Spring collection are three new silhouettes: studious Dorset and charismatic Kensett and Burroughs, whose rounded browlines and squared-off lenses add some splash to the glasses frames. These are old frames with a new spin.
The Warby parker Spring 2016 collection frames start at $95 and are all available as part of the company's Home Try-On program.  Warby Parker's Home Try-On program allows you to have frames shipped to your home for free of charge to try on and see if you like the.  If you don't like the send them back, if you do like the frames you go to the Warby Parker website, enter your prescription information, and order the pair you want.

What do you think of Warby Parker's Spring 2016 glasses collection and new colors? Do you like them?


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