Warby Parker admits they Appeal Only to Pompous Hipsters and Yuppies


Warby Parker Haskell Crystal Blue Jay

Warby Parker today announced that the company focuses on appealing to pretentious hipsters and yuppies.  This is quite a surprising announcement from the eyeglasses retailer that has made a name for itself over the past few years offering prescription glasses online to compete against Luxottica, the juggernaut in the vision industry.

While other people might venture to try out Warby Parker's glasses a spokesperson for the company in a statement said, “Our demographic is hipsters and yuppies and these are the only people Warby Parker attempts to appeal to. Others might buy our frames but we are a lifestyle brand for hipsters and yuppies.”  She then pointed out all the social actions an do gooder that Warby Parker does.

David Gilboa, one of the co-founders of Warby Parker, could not be reached for a comment. However insides sources on his staff confirmed he agrees with the fact that Warby Parker is a brand and company that focuses on young urban professionals and hipsters. Some on the staff even said the company is mainly for white people.

Warby Parker has made great strides in getting people to wear glasses without prescription lenses because that's really hip and cool these days. Obviously if you are going hipster you need to look smart. Neil Blumenthal, one of the co-founders of Warby Parker, does not need vision correction but he chooses to wear Warby Parker frames with clear lenses.  To advertise the Warby Parker brand or just to annoy all those that actually do need to wear glasses?

If one thing is clear it that Warby Parker is just for pretentious hipsters and yuppies.

Happy April 1st Everyone! 🙂

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