Sophie Boulanger, co-founder of Bonlook, to give talk at Consumer Trends conference

sophie boulanger

Sophie Boulanger, co-founder of the eyeglasses retailer Bonlook, is going to give a talk about at the upcoming Consumer Trends conference in Montreal, Canada. Her talk is titled “Close Relationships: Towards a Return to Basics?” The description for Sophie Boulanger's talk;

Many brands today are creating online platforms before selling their products in a physical space.

Is this a trend that will confirm? What are the strategic challenges in opening a shop where the main activity is the sale online?

Sophie Baker will present the blind web of issues in order to understand how this practice can transform the customer relationship.

On the article announcing the Consumer Trends conference talk by Sophie Boulanger;

What is the interest to open branches where the main business is selling online? The physical space of a shop helps build community and create strong bonds between the consumer and the brand. This practice, increasingly common, however, raises a number of questions.

Sophie Boulanger, CEO and co-founder of BonLook , expose issues to the web store to understand how this practice can strengthen ties with the brand community.

This Consumer Trends conference seems to be bringing together and showcasing business and thought leaders from around the Montreal region.  One of the speakers is from New York it seems.

Are interested in attending?  Well you better speak French as the website where I saw this talk posted was all in French. Unsurprising since Quebec is known for being the French part of Canada.  Of course I am not entirely sure. The Consumer Trends conference is taking place at the Hyatt Regency Montreal Hotel on May 11th.  Tickets are $349 before April 29th and $549 after.

I would be interested to know what Sophie Boulanger will say about Bonlook and the companies current strategies for acquiring new customers to buying glasses online. Perhaps I should brush-up on my French? The OpticalOwl knows French fluency is good though. 😉

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