Sarah-Jeanne and Bonlook release Lawrence Frames

sarah jeanne

Bonlook along with the French-Canadian actress Sarah-Jeanne have released a new frame, the Lawrence.

The Lawrence is a more rectangular frame compared to the previous frame collaboration between Sarah-Jeanne and Bonlook, the Subrosa. Subrosa is a much more rounded frame and comes in two different color styles, Romance and Fauve.

The Lawrence frame comes in three different colors which includes Santal, Fusian, and Gypsy. All of these color styles are warm tones which is ideal since we are heading into winter. I assume this is no accident in Bonlook's product marketing strategy. Lawrence blends Italian acetate (plastic) with delicate metal pieces. As Bonlook put it “[The Lawrence] is refined with a slight boho touch.”

Bonlook regularly partners with well known Canadian fashion and styles icons. This includes the fashion blogger Katie Shelton and the Canadian TV host Maripier Morin. It's a smart strategy as the fashionistas promote the individual glasses and frame lines to their respective audiences.

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