Kaitlyn Bristowe brings Style to EyeBuyDirect glasses

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Kaitlyn Bristowe, Muse in Blue Floral

EyeBuyDirect has partnered up with The Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe for the new Kaitlyn Bristowe Collection.

Kaitlyn Bristowe is best known for appearing on the reality ABC TV show The Bachelorette for the eleventh season. She also appeared on the nineteenth season of The Bachelor.

For her season of the The Bachelorette the tables were turned as the first show started off with two potential candidates for being the Bachelorette. The men in the competition were allowed to choose who they wanted to vie for in the coming weeks on the reality TV show.

The Bachelor and The Bahclorette usually works by having one contestant determine among a large group of men or women on who they want to marry or have a serious relationship with.  Having the men choose who they wanted in the ninth season of The Bachelorette was a bit of a twist from the usual for the show.

Bristowe ended up being picked by the men over Britt Nilsson and was The Bachelorette for that season.  She ended up choosing Shawn Booth.  He proposed on the final episode. Kaitlyn Bristowe now lives with Booth in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kaitlyn Bristowe Collection – EyeBuyDirect

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The Kaitlyn Bristowe Collection mainly consists of her modeling frames from the existing EyeBuyDirect glasses line-up.  These are not glasses uniquely made and marketed under Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Eyeglasses frames she choose for her Kaitlyn Bristowe Collection include;

  • Lucky Frames in Brown/Silver
  • Perception in Pinstripe/Black, Muse in Blue Floral
  • Stanford in Brown/Tortoise, Notting Hill in Ivory/Tortoise
  • Fiction in Pink

Sunglasses Kaitlyn picked are;

  • Zoe in Black
  • Enzo in Light Brow
  • Bali in Black/Golden.

I noticed that the EyeBuyDirect team are big fans of Kaitlyn Bristowe.

We aren't going to lie. Here at EBD, there’s nothing we love more after a long day at the office than marathoning reality TV. Sometimes all you need is to take a step back and watch your favorite reality stars as the drama of their lives unfold. Imagine our excitement having the chance to collaborate with our favorite Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe—guilty pleasure level 100!

OpticalOwl assumes one of the reasons the EBD team likes  Bristowe is because she is from Canada.  She mainly grew up in the Vancouver, British Columbia area. A large portion of the operations for EyeBuyDirect and Coastal/, which are both run by Roy Hessel and owned by Essilor, are based in Canada.

EyeBuyDirect and Essilor have a wide international presence.  The product marketing team is based in Shanghai, China. Perhaps they watch The Bachelorette in China? Unsure who manages the EyeBuyDirect Blog and social media channels.  I believe an outside marketing company writes articles for EyeBuyDirect.

Coco Rocha, Kaitlyn Bristowe, who's next?

It's also interesting to note that EyeBuyDirect recently collaborated with the Canadian model Coco Rocha.  The online glasses company did a Coco Rocha Collection and featuring Rocha's glasses picks from EBD.  It seems EyeBuyDirect is starting to work with celebrities and people in the fashion industry more.

Again this is reminiscent of one of EyeBuyDirect's competitors Bonlook, since they do a ‘Girl of the Month‘ feature.  Bonlook showcases fashion icons and bloggers for the ‘Girl of the Month' feature, read OpticalOwl's article on Chloe Dumont.  It's identical to what EyeBuyDirect is doing here with Kaitlyn Bristowe.  They take very high quality photos of the these fashionistas wearing glasses, post about, and get them to share to followers and fans.  It's a good idea for promoting the option to buy glasses online.

In addition Bonlook works with celebrities on designing their own glasses collections.  One good example is Maripier MorinMaripier Morin is another Canadian who is a TV personality, fashionista, and hockey wife.  Bonlook has several other collections designed by fashion celebrities and bloggers, which includes Katie Shelton, Elsie Larson and Emma Larson, and Keiko Lynn.

Seems the battle for the Canadian fashion icons and social media influencers is on. Who do you think EyeBuyDirect will feature with a collection next?

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