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If you are a frequent reader of you have probably seen our past reviews of online glasses stores. Today I am going to do a Review since I recently got a slick pair of frames from them.


According to the GlassesShop website the company has been around since 2004 and was started by a group of ophthalmologists.

Since the website launch in 2004, we have delivered over a million pairs of eyeglasses while maintaining our standard of providing the highest quality at affordable prices. We are a group of eye doctors that understands your struggle with the high cost of eyeglasses.

GlasseShop has a 90-day quality guarantee and has an international shipping and distribution center.  They can ship around the world and have mailed glasses to over 45 countries.

Website and UI

GlassesShop has many features you would expect from a website selling glasses via the internet these days. You can upload a picture and see how glasses look on you before you purchase. They have detailed frame measurements and you can sort via type of glasses.

While I like the GlasseShop user interface (UI) it does feel a little dated to compared to competitors such as EyeBuyDirect, Coastal, and Warby Parker.  We've seen that Zenni Optical has made moves to upgrade the website to a more sleek and modern UI.

With regards to the virtual try-on, it seemed like the frames were much larger in the picture than when I got them. If I didn't know to look at the frame measurements, and judge from that as well, I might not have purchased these. No virtual try-on is perfect in this industry, even Bonlook's webcam, but it would be nice to see GlassesShop improve this feature.  It is important for first time customers when learning to buy glasses online.

GlassesShop Frames

glassesshop reviews

I've been very impressed by the quality of GlasseShop frames. I had wanted to get a pair of clear/see-through frames for awhile.  I have another pair but with wear-and-tear they are starting to get worn out.  When you buy glasses online it is always a good time for a fresh pair.

The acetate plastic quality on these GlassesShop frames are good considering these frames were $34.95. Including lenses you add an extra $20 to the cost of these clear frames.  They do not come with spring hinges, meaning you can, flex the frame arms out.  This isn't necessarily surprising for glasses frames in this price range though. These are some of the more expensive glasses frames I've seen on

Other clear/see-through frames I've seen from competitors such as Warby Parker, EyeBuyDirect, Coastal, Bonlook, etc. these GlassesShop on par with quality.  The types of frames normally would cost around $100 where these GlasseShop frames are a good bargain around $55.

The frames are not a “perfect fit” and I have been playing around with the adjustments. Most prescription glasses and sunglasses do require adjustments for a more proper fit.  Like most glasses you will get a plastic case, with GlassesShop logo on it, and a cleaning cloth.

What I like about these frames? I've gotten a lot of compliments about my GlasseShop clear frames when out and about.  People say, “Oh, those are fun!” or “Hey those are cool glasses.” or “Oh I really like your glasses.” phrases along these lines. That makes me feel these are totally worth the cost.

glassesshop review

GlassesShop Lenses

I'm impressed with the quality of the lenses from GlassesShop. Sometimes at this price point you see nice frames, but the lenses that come in the glasses are low quality. For instance SelectSpecs has a great price point for frames but the lenses I found wore out quickly. Typically the SelectSpecs lenses wouldn't last a year, of course it depends how rough you are with your glasses.

After getting beaten around in my daily routine of exercise, working, dog walking, cycling, etc. these lenses have held up well and I have not noticed scratches.  They do pick-up marks and dust but are still good for the price range.

I'm unsure of what company GlassesShop buys polycarbonate lens blanks from, but I assume it is likely Esslilor judging from the quality.  (Essilor owns several online prescription glasses retailers and makes a majority of the polycarbonate lenses that go in glasses.)


From the time I sent my prescription information in, to when I got my sweet clear frames, was about 10 days.  This time including weekend days.

If you have read my other online glasses reviews you will know that over a week is a normal amount of time.

You can get free shipping on any GlasseShop order if you cart total is over $49 USD.  Otherwise there is a $4.95 standard shipping fee.  Expedited Shipping is $19.95 and is free if you cart total is over $199.

I believe that the production facility is based out of upstate New York, but I can't find a shipping address on the GlassesShop website. I also didn't save the box they came in.

Customer Service

I have not deal with GlassesShop customer service, so I can't comment about how good or bad they are.  I did try calling the number and asking a few questions about GlassesShop during normal business hours. I got connected quickly and thought the staff seemed knowledgeable from the brief phone call.

Final Thoughts about GlassesShop

The question for any review when grading an online glasses outfit, “Would you order again from GlassesShop?”.  Yes, I would.

I feel GlassesShop provides a lot of value for the money. The quality is good for what you get.

It would be nice though if GlassesShop improved the virtual try-on experience. I'll also have to see how these clear frames hold-up long term.

As far as I know GlassesShop is independently owned. I can't find any information if they were bought out by another company.  It will be interesting to see how they competed against the behemoth EssliorLuxottica. They will be the juggernaut monopoly in the eyewear and glasses industry

OpticalOwl hopes you enjoyed this GlasseShop Review.  Do you have any questions about ordering and buying glasses online through GlassesShop? Have you ordered from them before? Did you have a good or bad experience?

Editor's Note – I was given the pair of glasses mentioned in this Review complimentary for writing this review.  OpticalOwl does not accept paid endorsements or allow anyone to buy our opinions. This review reflects our honest opinion about these glasses and the GlasseShop experience.  We do use affiliate links from many different online glasses shops, which includes, to generate revenue to cover expenses.

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