Fetch Eyewear introduces Swappable Lens Frames

fetch eyewear

Fetch Eyewear has just introduced it's new Collection by Fetch line with features the Riley frames.

These new Fetch frames are interesting because you can switch out the lenses into different frames, changing the look of your frames.  This allows a prescription glasses wearer to different looks and colors the same frame style while saving money on lenses. The promotional video below shows it in better detail.


It's a great idea and the first that I am aware of that an online glasses company, or any glasses company, has made changeable lens frames.  Fetch has patent pending status on these lens swappable frames. OpticalOwl thinks other companies will follow Fetch with these lens switching frames or build their own frames.

What's also cool about Fetch Eyewear is that they company claims they donate 100% to the animal rescue group, the Pixie Project. So when you buy prescription glasses or sunglasses through Fetch you not only get something you need/want but you help dogs in need.

These swappable prescription lens frames start at $180 for the frames only, with polycarbonate blank lenses, are $150. That seems reasonable when you consider you don't have to buy new lenses with the Fetch Eyewear frame collection. Any other glasses you order through Fetch or competitors like EyeBuyDirect, ZenniOptical, Warby Parker, etc. you would.

Will you buy these Riley swappable lens frames? What do you think of the concept?

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