EyeBuyDirect partners with Coco Rocha for Collection

coco rocha

Coco Rocha and EyeBuyDirect have partnered up to showcase sweet glasses style from the Coco Rocha Collection.

For those that don't know who Coco Rocha is, she is a well known model and fashion icon.  The Canadian model has worked for many designers and design houses which includes Marc Jacobs, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Stella McCartney, and more. Coco Rocha has also graced the covers of many fashion magazines and publications in her modeling career. She's also done campaigns for Dior, Balenciaga, YSL, D&G and Chanel.  All major brands in the luxury fashion space.

EyeBuyDirect feels the Coco Rocha Collection will help keep customers glasses style on point and current. Mostly it seems to be a eyeglasses and sunglasses that the model has picked out from EBD's existing line-up. EyeBuyDirect glasses in the collection include Get Lucky, Prism, Concept, Fade, and Notting Hill. Sunglasses Coco Rocha prefers are Sun Nostalgia, Sun Kyoto, and Horizon.

coco rocha sunglasses

EyeBuyDirect competing with Bonlook

When I first saw that EyeBuyDirect was partnering with Coco Rocha, my first thought was, “They seem to want to copy and compete with Bonlook.”  Bonlook is a smaller Canadian competitor based in Quebec.  They do “Girl of the Month” features each month that showcase young fashionable women.  These women are social media fashion stars or bloggers.

For instance read this article I wrote about Chloe Dumont who was Bonlook's “Girl of the Month” for May.  Chloe Dumont runs a fashion blog in Canada, in French, called The Fashion Red Fox. Bonlook actively markets to the French market of Canada. The company's base is in Quebec.

The focus of Bonlook's products and marketing is mainly geared toward women.  Is EyeBuyDirect trying to compete with them by copying Bonlook's marketing strategies? Seems that way to me.

One big difference to Bonlook strategy is they also partner with fashion bloggers to design their own glasses collections.  It's a smart strategy as then the fashionistas are inclined to promote their Bonlook collection to readers and fans on social media. This turns into sales for Bonlook with minimal marketing effort on their part.

What do you think of EyeBuyDirect partnering with the model Coco Rocha?  Is this a smart strategy they come up with on their own? Or are they taking cues from a competitor?

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