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EyeBuyDirect offering Premium Packaging on Glasses for Free

eyebuydirect premium packaging

EyeBuyDirect is offering Premium Packaging on glasses for FREE. ┬áTo get the free packaging you need to select EyeBuyDirect glasses frames that are $25 and up. Premium Packaging from EyeBuyDirect gives you a nicer case, a box with “EyeyBuyDirect on it, and a little screwdriver repair tool. You also still get a cleaning cloth with your glasses as well.

Normally when you order glasses through EyeBuyDirect, which are not from it's premium RFLKT line, you will get a plastic glasses case and cleaning cloth. For the most part I've been happy with the plastic case and cloth.

The EyeBuyDirect Premium Packaging free promotion is for a limited time. It ends on April 17th, so if you want those extras take a look on the site and put in an order.


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