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EyeBuyDirect offering “Buy One Get One” Free again

eyebuydirect bogo coupon

EyeBuyDirect is offering “Buy One Get One Free” again for February. To OpticalOwl's understanding this is the first time that Eye Buy Direct has offered a BOGO coupon since it's Christmas promotions which ran them a couple times during the 25 Days of Deals.  The last discount EyeBuyDirect offered was 50% off on Blue Glasses which help reduce screen fatigue by blocking blue light emitted from monitors, TVs, mobile phones, etc. I'd recommend getting a pair if you look at a lot of screens during the day.

We are not complaining about EyeBuyDirect not offering a BOGO coupon but for anyone that has been waiting to use an EyeBuyDirect “Buy One Get One Free” deal for ordering glasses online, have you been frustrated? Well here is your chance to get use the BOGO deal.

EyeBuyDirect recently introduced the Wanderlust sunglasses collection highlighting Korean fashion from Seoul.  The Wanderlust collection will also features stylish frames inspired by other cities like Paris, Copenhagen, and Saharan.  Of course “Saharan” is not a city but you get it but that is a place. Order some slick sunglasses from the Wanderlust collection or grab an extra pair of frames you've needed to get for yourself, a family member, or a friend.

Remember to use the coupon code – BOGO – at checkout for it to work.  I tested it and it the coupon should work on all regular eyeglasses frames, EyeBuyDirect's premium line RFLKT, and sunglasses.  I did only attempt to use it by checking the “Backup Pair” option in the shopping cart.  The BOGO coupon deal is valid until February 29th.


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