EyeBuyDirect introduces EyeZen Digital Screen Protection Glasses


EyeBuyDirect has recently started to sell EyeZen digital screen protection glasses which protect a person's eyes from harmful blue light emitted by computer and mobile phone screens. The EyeZen lenses are being marketed and pushed by Essilor, the French parent company to EyeBuyDirect it seems.

It is estimated that kids now spend about 6.5 hours per day looking at a computer or mobile phone screen. Adults spend roughly 8 hours of their day looking at various screens so our eyes our exposed to harmful bluelight a lot these days.  Having EyeZen or another way to protect your eyes seems worth it to OpticalOwl.

Something interested that I noticed, on EyeBuyDirect's website they now have EyeZen glasses packages along with EyeBuyDirect's Blue Glasses package. Doesn't EyeZen and the EBD Blue Glasses package accomplish the same thing? Protecting people's eyes from getting fatigued and tired from looking at computer screens too much.

While it is not entirely clear to why Essilor has gone with the change in line to confuse consumers, EyeBuyDirect now offers both options. As far as I can tel the EyeZen lenses have slightly more features which are listed on the landing page.  This includes Reading Enhancement, Water-Resistant Coating, and Blue Reflective Coating.  The EyeBuyDirect Blue Glasses come with UV and Anti-Reflective (AR) coating, are 1.6 index lenses, and have EyeBuyDirect's Blue Light Filter. The Blue Glasses do not come with Water-Resistant Coatings or Reading Enhancements which I am assuming means they are more ideal for reading. It is not clear why though.

I am somewhat doubtful that the normal online prescription glasses consumer is going to noticed much of a difference between the EyeZen and EyeBuyDirect Blue Glasses line. I also think it is somewhat confusing for EyeBuyDirect customers, but hey both options are available now.

What do you think about EyeBuyDirect having two different lines of computer glasses lenses? Would you buy the EyeZen lenses even though they are more expensive? Or would you go with the EBD Blue lenses?


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