EyeBuyDirect Holiday Gift Card Discount

eyebuydirect gift card

EyeBuyDirect has released it's annual holiday gift card discount.  You can save $15 dollars when buying an EyeBuyDirect gift card this year.  That is if you buy a $100 gift card, which will then be discounted to $85.  The discount from the email I received showed there are 3 EyeBuyDirect gift card amount options;

  • $25
  • $45 – $5 discount ($50)
  • $100 – $15 discount ($100)

You can't select a specific amount to purchase, say $75 or over $100.  I find this strange as it is easy to spend over $100 dollars when ordering with EyeBuyDirect.  Especially if you are buying multiple pairs of glasses.

At least EyeBuyDirect has a nice slick setup for sending gift cards.  You can send gift cards on Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever date you choose or need.  You can pay and have a gift card automatically sent up to 1 year in advance. Good way to not forgot your favorite glasses wearing friend's, relative's, or colleague's birthday. šŸ™‚

This is similar to the gift card discount that was run last holiday shopping season. As I noted back then;

I know what will disappoint some diehard EyeBuyDirect fans is that these gift cards special discounts are not nearly as good as past Christmases. Typically when Eye Buy Direct would release the Holiday and Christmas gift card discount it was 50% off for gift cards. A lot of people would wait until November or December to buy EyeBuyDirect gift cards for themselves to use for future purchases. I guess the online glasses company sort of caught on to the fact people were doing this and stopped offering the 50% gift card promotion this year. We can hope for next year but Iā€™m unsure if it will be coming back. I certainly hope it will but what do you think? Will we ever see the mythical 50% off Christmas gift cards again?

I am going to guess that EyeBuyDirect has officially killed the mega 50% off holiday gift card discounts. Might have something to do with the parent company Essilor. The French company acquired EyeBuyDirect in 2013. 

Do you think that gift cards are a good present for Christmas and the Holidays?

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