EyeBuyDirect goes Nude (with Glasses)

eyebuydirect nude

EyeBuyDirect has gone nude it seems.  Don't get too excited though, this doesn't mean that any employees are taking off their clothes or the site is showing naked pictures. (Of course I wouldn't mind seeing some of the female EyeBuyDirect fashion models nude.)  We are talking about a new Nude Series Glasses Collection.

EyeBuyDirect is highlighting what it is referring to as it's “Nude Series” which are handpicked frames of soft tones and warm hues that match skin tones.  The EyeBuyDirect campaign is highlighting these for people that want glasses to blend in with their skin tone more easily so that your glasses frames blend with your face easily.  The Nude Series also includes some of their premium RFLKT collection clear and translucent frames. On the site;

Strip your style down to its basics and start the New Year nude. Cozy up with a pair from our handpicked selection of nude frames. These soft and natural tones, flowing from pale roses that deepen into soft peaches, and light tans gently darkening to rich chestnuts, will warm up any style. Find the perfect finishing touch to complement the complexion of any nude look.

What do you think of these EyeBuyDirect Nude Series glasses frames? Are you going to buy a pair? You can use this 20% EyeBuyDirect coupon which is good until January 24th.

If you already own a pair of frames that blends with your face, what made you buy that frame?

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