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EyeBuyDirect Gift Cards Christmas Discount

eyebuydirect christmas gift cards

EyeBuyDirect has released a special discount on it's gift cards for those looking for a great present for a friend, family, co-worker, etc. that wears glasses and specs for the Holidays and Christmas.  It works like this;

  • $25 gift card costs $25 bucks!
  • A $50 EyeBuyDirect gift card can be bought for $45
  • A $100 EyeBuyDirect gift card can be bought for $85

This means that the savings on a $50 gift card is $5 dollars and for the $100 gift card it is $15.  (If this is still confusing check out the image.)  The EyeBuyDirect Gift Cards Christmas discount isn't spectacular but hey it is still a savings, right?  Something to keep in mind if you opt to go for the $100 gift card is that it is quite easy to spend over that amount of money on eyeglasses and sunglasses on EyeBuyDirect.  Most of the sunglasses will cost over $100 to buy with polarized prescription lenses.  So if you are looking for a bit of savings for yourself or a loved for as a Christmas present I'd still grab an EyeBuyDirect $100 gift card.  Saving $15 is still a good deal. The Xmas gift card discount will last until Christmas Eve, December 24th.

I know what will disappoint some diehard EyeBuyDirect fans is that these gift cards special discounts are not nearly as good as past Christmases.  Typically when Eye Buy Direct would release the Holiday and Christmas gift card discount it was 50% off for gift cards.  A lot of people would wait until November or December to buy EyeBuyDirect gift cards for themselves to use for future purchases. I guess the online glasses company sort of caught on to that fact people were doing this and stopped offering the 50% gift card promotion this year. We can hope for next year but I'm unsure if it will be coming back.  I certainly hope it will but what do you think?  Will we ever see the mythical 50% off Christmas gift cards again?

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