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EyeBuyDirect Christmas Buy One Get One Free

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EyeBuyDirect has decided to run another “Buy One Get One Free” deal as part of the online glasses retailer's Christmas 25 Days of Deals promotion.  The promotion features different savings everyday on EyeBuyDirect in the form of a coupon on specific glasses frames on the site.  For Day 7, which is today's deal, they decided to run this BOGO promotion which should make a lot of EyeBuyDirect customers pretty happy.

EyeBuyDirect has been pretty aggressive recently with offering these Buy One Get One Free deals.  I'm unsure if it's in an effort to get current customers spending for the holiday season or to attract new glasses customers. They released a BOGO on December 2nd to help kick off the Christmas 25 Days of Deals promotions and coupon codes. For Black Friday they released a Buy One Get One Free deal on all sunglasses on the website. To my understanding the company has never run a BOGO promotion on sunglasses.  Sunglasses cost more money than regular optical frames on EyeBuyDirect.  When you include the lenses most EyeBuyDirect sunglasses come out to around $100.  Still that's an incredible savings from what most glasses and vision centers charge.  For Cyber Monday EyeBuyDirect decided to run the promotion for sunglasses and all frames on the site.

If you want to use the Buy One Get One Free coupon code during checkout just enter – BOGO –  in the coupon code field as usual.  The discount should apply in your shopping cart.  The deal is only good today though, so if you want to use it make sure to buy those extra glasses pairs you've been wanting to get. You can never have too many glasses when they are so inexpensive.

Have you been taking advantage of all these EyeBuyDirect Buy One Get One Free deals these past few weeks for Christmas? What frames have you ordered?


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