EyeBuyDirect celebrates Movember pledges to donate 15% of Sales


EyeBuyDirect launched a Movember Collection at the beginning of this month to celebrate the #Movember movement. What is that?

In case you are not aware Movember takes place in November and encourages men to grow out their facial hair to raise awareness about prostate cancer. If you buy a pair of glasses from the EyeBuyDirect Movember Collection, EyeBuyDirect will donate 15% of the sale to the Movember Collection.

EyeBuyDirect has been showcasing various men with beards and other facial hair for Movember on social media channels.  According to the online glasses company;

The men featuring in our campaign are all real life guys with real life jobs who were more than happy to give up their time in support of our collection. In total 18 fantastic fellas came along to strike a pose in front of the EBD camera. Some of the guys took to the shoot like ducks to water (raising eyebrows and suspicions about their level of selfie practice) and we thoroughly enjoyed the day!

I guess by “real life guys” they don't mean chiseled models EyeBuyDirect typically uses that are really, really, really ridiculously good looking. (That's a Zoolander reference in case you haven't seen that movie.)

In addition to donating 15% of sales, EyeBuyDirect is offering a coupon code for the Movember Collection this month. You can get 20% off using the discount code – MOV20 – at checkout. I assume you want to use this code particularly if you want EBD to donate money to the Movember Foundation for prostate cancer research.

Nice to see EyeBuyDirect willing to donate money to the Movember Foundation and offering a discount. Although it's not entirely clear what Movember does except give hipsters another reason to grow facial hair. People can't just donate to cancer research without the Movember movement? 🙂

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