EyeBuyDirect adds fun, bold, bright and new Colors to Glasses Frames Line-Up

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If you are a frequent buyer of discount eyeglasses online and have bought from EyeBuyDirect in the past I'm sure you've noticed they do not provide that many color options for most of the glasses frames on the website. This year though that's changed a whole lot.

If you have visited or bought glasses through EyeBuyDirect recently you've probably noticed that there are a lot more fun, bold, bright, and new colors to frames in the company's line-up. Before if you liked a particular style of cheap eyeglasses EyeyBuyDirect sold and wanted it in a bright or bold colors you were out of luck.  You either had to hunt for some funky colors they sold, which wasn't many, or search for whatever they sold that fit you well. Most of the colors they sold were neutral, ie Gray or Black, which is fine for most people. Of course if you are a style-consciousness fashionista that simply wouldn't do.

Talking with EyeBuyDirect's product and marketing team based in Shanghai, China they heard some dissatisfaction from a lot of customers. What would happen is someone would like a particular frame and want to go back and buy more prescription glasses online through them. These customers wanted the same frames but in different colors and EyeBuyDirect obviously was not providing this.  Typically the company would offer a certain frame style and sell it until it ran out.  That frame usually only came in 1 color, perhaps 2-3 colors max. Those colors tended to be neutral tones and didn't offer any sort of bright “pop” some customers were looking for in frames they found they already liked and wanted to order again.

Going forward I'm told this will all change.  EyeBuyDirect is going to offer, and currently offers, more colors choices in brighter, fun, and funky colors or patterns for longer periods of time. Now if you check the site you see many frames from EyeBuyDirect offer 4-5 colors, tones, and pattern options and they tend to be just what a discerning customer who wants designer glasses without the high price (because of Luxottica) is looking for.  You can easily switch colors and patterns by selecting a different dot under the frames changing the colors.  While many frames on the website still only offer 1-2 colors, tones, or patterns a lot of the frame inventory has 4-5 options these days.

In addition the company is going to be offering more lines of glasses that are themed. For instanced the Wanderlust collection which takes inspiration from different cities around the world.

The company probably realized they were losing out to competitors that offered more colors options for frames. Particularly companies like ZenniOptical and SelectSpecs which has have an aggressive pricing.  (Of course to be honest, I personally prefer the EyeBuyDirect website and checkout process compared to most online glasses stores but some people like Zenni, SelectSpecs, Bonlook, etc.)

I was also told EyeBuyDirect is going to do a better job of naming frames as the person that used to do give the glasses names didn't quite understand English vocabulary particularly well.  I can point out several glasses frames names that didn't make sense to me but hey I've bought some of those so who cares?  The change in colors and patterns and naming are both positive moves for EyeBuyDirect and those that buy through them.

Now ordering glasses online through EyeBuyDirect, while a seamless and painless process, will not leave the funky color seeking fashionable eyewear consumer out-of-luck. Have you the color changes on EyeBuyDirect? Do you like you have more colors options or do you prefer buying glasses in more neutral colors?

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