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EyeBuyDirect 50% off Blue Glasses coupon

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EyeBuyDirect is offering a 50% off coupon for it's “Blue Glasses.”  The deal is you can buy one complete pair and the second pair is 50% off when you apply the coupon code.

EyeBuyDirect's Blue Glasses help reflect a portion of harmful blue light from computer screens, tablets, and mobile phones.  I have a pair and they work as advertised reducing eye fatigue when looking and working on computer screens.  They do have a blue tint to them.  If you aren't sure you want the blue tint for everyday glasses it is a good idea to get some frames just for computer use.  Of course switching between pairs might get tiresome.

The coupon code -s – EBDBLUE – and it expires January 31st.  Remember to apply it in the shopping cart during checkout.


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