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EyeBuyDirect 20% Off Digital Screen Protection Glasses for World Health Day

eyebuydirect 20% off coupon code

EyeBuyDirect is celebrating World Health Day with a 20% off coupon code on the company's digital screen protection glasses. The EyeBuyDirect coupon code includes the EyeBuyDirect (EBD) Blue line as well as Essilor's EyeZen lenses which both protect against harmful blue light emitted by computer, mobile, and tablet screens.  All devices we spend many hours per day staring at, perhaps too much? 🙂

The EyeBuyDirect 20% off coupon code for World Health Day is good today only so if you want to use it on EBD Blue glasses or EyeZen glasses you should do it before midnight tonight.  The coupon code is – DSP20 – remember to enter in your shopping cart during checkout in the “Enter Coupon Code” field to apply the 20% off discount.  I just checked and the EyeBuyDirect coupon code will apply to entire EBD Blue and EyeZen frames and lens packages.

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