Bonlook opens new Retail Store at Fairview Pointe-Claire

bonlook pointe claire

Bonlook, an online prescription glasses company based in Canada, recently opened up a new retail location at the Fairview Pointe-Claire Shopping Center in Quebec, Canada.  This is the third retail location for Bonlook and the company is calling this new retail location a “concept boutique” and emphasizing the design of the store.  From Bonlook's website;

Design aficionados, you’ll be well served at BonLook’s first ever concept boutique. Not only will you admire a space created in collaboration with major players in the Quebec interior design scene – Lambert et Fils lamps, Ædifica design, Larose Guyon mirrors and Coop ÉTABLI furniture. – but you’ll also have the chance to discover and try on our vast selection of stylishly designed glasses.

Customers can get their Pupillary Distance (PD) measured at the Bonlook Pointe-Claire store which is something that many people have a hard time doing on their own at home. You can make an appointment with an Optician to get your eyes checked and get a current prescription. Stylists will be on hand to guide your through choosing a new pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses from Bonlook's frame line.  The store also offers free adjustments for glasses.  If you want to get your new prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses from Bonlook delivered to your home, you have that option instead of having to drive back to the Fairview Pointe-Claire Bonlook store. You get the same streamlined service and experience shopping in-store as you would online with Bonlook.

Bonlook's currently has two retail store locations both in Canada. One is a Bonlook's creative showroom and design center based in Montreal, Saint Henri located at the Château Saint-Ambroise. The other location is in downtown Montreal inside the Promenades Cathédrale which is an underground shopping center. Bonlook also has a lab based in the United States in Brooklyn, hipster capitol of the world. Or maybe that title goes to Portland, Oregon? 🙂

bonlook store

It is interesting to see Bonlook expanding in the Canadian retail market as that is where the company was founded and is based. Last year we saw that Warby Parker opened up a plethora of new retail locations in American cities. The pompous brand is keen on expanding their retail operations to make sure people can buy online or in-store.  Warby Parker sells to Canadian customers however Bonlook understands the Canadian market and this has given them a big advantage from what OpticalOwl can tell. Bonlook is focused on the French Canadian market and actively maintains a French language version of their website and engages with customers in French on social media.  They claim to also have strong presence in other foriegn markets for the eyeglasses industry. The founders of Bonlook, Sophie Boulanger and Louis-Felix Boulanger, both speak French and English fluently. The brother and sister team have grown the company well in the last five years.

OpticalOwl wonders if Bonlook will be opening up any new retails stores this in Canada and the United States? It would be nice to see a few retail locations in America but for those Canadian customers you can visit the new Pointe-Claire location.

Bonlook Fairview Pointe-Claire

Store Hours 

Monday – 10am – 9pm

Tuesday – 10am – 9pm

Wednesday – 10am – 9pm

Thursday – 10am – 9pm

Friday – 10am – 9pm

Saturday – 9am – 5pm

Sunday – 10am – 5pm

Address – CF Fairview Pointe Claire 6801 Trans Canada Highway, Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 5J2

Bonlook Store Information


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