Bonlook finally launches Bonlook Blog

sophie boulanger

Bonlook, a Canadian online glasses company, finally started and launched a company blog. It seems the first post went live in March. It is a profile they call a “Style Story” which is an interview with Gabrielle Lacasse, who is a Montreal based fashion blogger.

To be honest here at OptcialOwl we were a bit surprised that Bonlook hadn't started a blog in the past. All of it's major online competitors have blogs and they are regularly updated. Today having some sot of content marketing is important for SEO (search engine optimization) and gaining traffic and followers.

Bonlook would do content marketing in the form of the doing features called “Girl of the Month” which would feature stylish bloggers or famous fashion women, usually Canadians, on Bonlook's website. Often Bonlook would partner with these fashionistas to create specific eyeglasses product lines. Very smart production marketing since these people would then share the lines and promote them.

Past features include those with Chloe Dumont, a French Candian fashion blogger and Mariper Morin, a famous model and hockey wife.

Sophie Boulanger, the co-founder of Bonlook, was featured recently on the Bonlook Blog. One interesting thing I noted in the interview is Boulanger's connection to eyewear behemoth Luxottica;

During my year of studying, I worked on a project for eyewear giant Luxottica. The experience helped me understand the structure of the industry and margins. It gave me the idea of what would later become BonLook.

Another thing that I thought was interesting is Sophie Boulanger noted the company's significant growth from opening Bonlook retail stores. The article also mentions that Bonlook now employs 300 people and has 22 retail stores. Nice growth considering Bonlook was started in 2011 and has major competition from ZenniOptical, Warby Parker, EyeBuyDirect and more.

As OpticalOwl has written about before Bonlook's Virtual Try-On is the best feature we have seen offered from an online glasses retailer. This was the brainchild of Sophie's brother and co-founder, Felix, who used to work as a software engineer at tech companies.

Hopefully the Bonlook Blog will prove to be a successful marketing tool for the company going forward.

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