Bonlook adds Mobile to Virtual Try-On

bonlook virtual try on

Bonlook, a Canadian online and retail eyeglasses company, has added the ability to use a mobile phone with it's Virtual Try-On. Here on OpticalOwl I've written about Bonlook's Mobile Virtual Try-On system before. I have praised it as being extremely innovative in the industry and I still stand behind that statement today. I am actually surprised that another company, cough Warby Parker, hasn't adopted the same type of thing.

While the introduction of Bonlook's Virtual Try-On for smartphones is impressive, it does have a drawback. It only works if you take and upload a picture. While this is hella easy to do with a smartphone I assumed it would work with a 3-D video on your phone. After all aren't most mobile devices and smartphones powerful enough to do this?

The one advantage of the new Virtual Try-On is you can send and share the picture with people you know. Likely friend and family via social media to get others opinions about your new Bonlook specs.

Anyway, I am glad that Bonlook is keeping up with updating how to make it easier for consumers to order glasses online.

The company seems to be improving having recently started the Bonlook blog this year. All the competition had a blog, but Bonlook didn't which didn't make much sense considering that they are heavily into fashion and style for a mostly women demographic.

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