39DollarGlasses now offers Blue495 Computer Glasses


39DollarGlasses is now in the blue light lens game.  The online glasses company recently announced they are now offering Blue495 lenses that block harmful blue light emitted by electronic screens for customers.

The Blue495 lenses from 39DollarGlasses are designed to help protect your eyes from blue light, reduce glare, and give your lenses a more polished look. The Blue Light coating can help reduce eyestrain and headaches from staring at a computer screen, mobile phone, or tablet all day long as well.  For some supposedly Blue Light lenses give people a better night's sleep.

At least these are claims from 39DollarGlasses and other companies that sell these blue light computer glasses.

Experiences can vary with computer glasses and Blue Light lenses from online glasses retailers. For instance I have a pair of computer glasses, which I am wearing while writing this article, and have found it helpful. My eyes definitely can feel “tired” if I am looking at a computer screen for so long. There does seem to be a distinct difference in eye comfort and it is one of those things… you wonder how you ever wore glasses without Blue Light protection.

I'm unsure if this is the Blue Light lenses or perhaps a placebo effect?  I've read and heard from others that the experiences that it is helpful as well.  Some are not as convinced though.

I don't doubt that computer glasses with Blue Light protection coating can reduce the risk of being affected by eye-related diseases and allowing blue light to damage your retina. It's estimated that the average person spends roughly 6.5 hours per day on an electronic device looking at screens.  That's a lot of time.

That's why many opticians and online eyeglasses websites have started offering these protective computer glasses to customers.  EyeBuyDirect even has two Blue Light products, the higher end EyeZen line and the EBD Blue lenses.  EyeZen is a lens product of Essilor, the parent company of EyeBuyDirect, and was released earlier this year.  The EBD Blue lenses have been available through EyeBuyDirect for awhile.

To stay competitive 39DollarGlasses has to start offering digital protection glasses.  Unsure why they like numbers in product names. Blue495? When I hear “495” I think of traffic. Anyone who grew up in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington .D.C now what I am talking about. 🙂

Interested in ordering a pair of Blue495 glasses from 39DollarGlasses? Be aware the Blue495 computer glasses, that specialize in blocking blue light, come with a blue hue and amber tint on lenses. The blue hue will shine across the lenses when light is reflected on it.  So be aware of that before you buy of these glasses.

Are you a current 39DollarGlasses customer? Are you going go try the Blue495 glasses?

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