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Enjoy 30% Off EyeBuyDirect EBDBlue and EyeZen computer glasses

ebdblue eyebuydirect

EyeBuyDirect is offering a 30% discount on the EBDBlue and EyeZen computer glasses.

Both the EBDBlue and EyeZen lenses are designed to reduce strain on your eyes while looking at computer, mobile, TV, and tablet screens during the day.

These days people spend a LOT of time on screens.  It would be a good idea to pick a pair of EyeZen or EBDBlue glasses from EyeBuyDirect. It's estimated on average 6.5 – 7 hours per day. That number isn't going down anytime soon.

You can see from this HEV Light chart on how these UV light can harm your eyes.

hev light

To use the EyeBuyDirect coupon code enter – DSP30 – at checkout to have the 30% discount apply.

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